Evidence-Based Supported Employment Program (SEP)

The Evidence-Based Supported Employment Program at Arundel Lodge
places individuals interested in entering the work force directly into
competitive employment (minimum wage or higher) where they are
supported and coached for success!

Employment can be essential to the journey toward wellness and recovery

According to a 2014 report issued by NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), the national unemployment rate for individuals receiving public mental health services is approximately 80 percent! Yet, about 60 percent of individuals with behavioral health disorders want to work, but cannot find the support they need to meet this goal.

Arundel Lodge’s Evidence-Based Supported Employment Program sticks to the Key Principles which make Supported Employment Programs successful for individuals and their employers:

  • Competitive employment is the goal, Part-time or Full-time31496703_l
  • All eligible persons can participate
  • Job search starts soon after a person expresses interest in working
  • Supported employment services are integrated with treatment
  • Individuals are counseled regarding Social Security and other benefits
  • On-going supports are made available (even after job placement!)
  • Individual preferences are important

Business Partners

Our business partners make Arundel Lodge’s Supported Employment Program possible! Businesses in our community work with us and with their employees to provide the needed supports that foster success. It’s a win win for everyone involved.

AT&T Annapolis Art Guild U.S. Naval Academy
Bow Tie Cinema Giant Anne Arundel Medical Center
Noodles and Company Nordstrom Rack Lord & Taylor
Target Safeway Goodwill
Wal-Mart Sears JCPenny

Who we serve in the Evidence-Based Supported Employment Program

Adults 18+ with a diagnosis of chronic behavioral health disorder are eligible.

Evidence Based Supported Employment Program Services

Arundel Lodge’s Employment Specialists work diligently to help individuals find the right employment opportunities. Ongoing support from our staff promotes open lines of communication between employers and employees, fostering positive, equitable working relationships.

  • VAdults 18+ with a diagnosis of chronic behavioral health disorder are eligible.ocational Assessments
  • Job placement
  • Job coaching
  • Extended support
  • Linkages to the Division of Rehabilitation Services(DORS)
    and Work Force and Technology Center(WTC)

How to Access Services

Please obtain a Referral Form at Arundel Lodge and submit the form to Candace Jones, Supported Employment Manager (443) 433-5924.

Meeting Needs in Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Supported Employment services for persons with behavioral health disorders are funded, in part, by the Department of Rehabilitative Services (DORS) and the Behavioral Health Administration (BHA). Funding is not sufficient, however, to serve all those who wish to work.

The cost to coach, locate employment and provide ongoing support for one individual is about $3,500. In order to meet the needs of all of the individuals requesting our help, we need yours. Please donate to the Evidence-Based Supported Employment Program and help support a member of your community.

For more information regarding our Evidence-Based Supported Employment Program or to partner with Arundel Lodge as an employer, please contact:

Candace Jones
Supported Employment Program Manager
direct: (443) 433-5924
main: (443) 433-5900