Volunteering your time can change your life,
as well as the lives of those we serve.

Arundel Lodge welcomes all the interests, strengths, and talents that community volunteers have to offer. Please review our volunteer opportunities or suggest a project of your own! To inquire about any of the opportunities listed, contact:


Cindy Garmoe, Volunteer Coordinator

Community Outreach: Share our story with your network of friends, civic groups, associations, place of employment and even invite us to speak.

Dress for Success Program: Have you ever dreamed of being a stylist? Help procure appropriate interview/business attire for individuals who are seeking employment through our Evidence-Based Supported Employment Program.

An Arundel Lodge Holiday Story: Some of our residents have no family with whom to share the holidays. We like to provide these individuals with opportunities to experience the Spirit of Thanksgiving, or other holiday. Help organize a special Holiday meal, coordinate a Giving Tree, gift exchange or other activity to make holidays meaningful.

Toiletry drive: Help our folks obtain the basics they need to stay healthy and clean. Join our annual toiletry drive.

Gardening: Do you have a green thumb? Arundel Lodge residents rely on government assistance for food. This assistance does not go far and it is often difficult to sustain a healthy diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables. Our garden can help provide elements of a healthy and balanced diet.

Painting: Arundel Lodge has 32 homes in the community that 110 individuals can call home. The homes need to be periodically refreshed and repainted.

Decorating: There is no doubt that a beautiful space can improve motivation and promote psychological well-being. Is your talent in interior design? Donate materials and/or services to create welcoming spaces that can help others heal.

Tutoring: Many of the individuals in our Residential Program have not had the opportunity to experience a full education. Come teach someone to read, how to do math or computers. These skills can make a big difference in a person’s level of motivation, productivity and can help build self-esteem.

Enrichment: Share a hobby or interest with the individuals we serve by helping to organize a field trip, show and tell, or provide an experiential opportunity.

Art Program:  Support individuals served with their art projects or join the art committee.

Administrative: Help with marketing, direct mail, fundraising, event organizing, or serve on a committee.


For more information or to volunteer contact
Cindy Garmoe, Volunteer Coordinator