Arundel Lodge welcomes all the interests, strengths, and talents that community volunteers have to offer. Please review our volunteer opportunities or suggest a project of your own!


Day Program focuses on teaching daily living skills to the persons served at Arundel Lodge who qualify for our Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program. We promote health and wellness; education on a variety of topics including reading, math, budgeting, nutrition, medication and symptom management, and visual arts. We encourage and facilitate community integration by welcoming volunteers into the Day Program. We need the following:

English class, Math, Creative Journaling, History class:

  • Writers
  • Teachers, subject matter experts or enthusiasts
  • Tutors (one-to-one) who can work with people on basic reading, writing and math skills

Senior Aerobics, Walking class, Physical fitness class, Sports and Rec:

These classes help persons served work on their health and fitness goals of losing weight, staying active and symptom management through constructive activities.

  • Health and Fitness trainers to teach basic floor exercises and stretching
  • Physical rehabilitation specialists
  • Yoga instructors
  • Zumba instructors, etc.
  • Volunteers who enjoys leading a walking group
  • Volunteers who enjoys teaching and/or playing sports such as volleyball, basketball, tennis, soccer, Frisbee. No professional experience required.
certification needed only if required by law.

Teaching American Sign Language (ASL):

  • Volunteers with knowledge of ASL can create a curriculum based on their level of knowledge and interests

Computers Class:

  • Volunteers with knowledge of computers and the internet who can teach basic computer skills (this class has 5 computers available)

Health and Sex Education, Know Your Medication, Nutrition, “Beyond recovery”*:

  • Volunteers Medical/Healthcare background to discuss symptom management and prevention
  • Peers who have lived experience in mental health, substance use, and recovery who can share their stories and provide guidance
  • Volunteers who can teach ”Beyond Recovery” class – similar to a 12 step program.

Psychology, Men’s group, Women’s group, Anger Management, Communication skills:

These classes focus on recovery, symptom management and self-care. We are open to community input and volunteer ideas for topics of discussion and/or activities.
  • e.g. one community group provided a volunteer experience for our persons served by enlisting them to help make sandwiches for a local homeless shelter. It was a three way win!

Job Skills Class:

Volunteers with different professional backgrounds who can talk about their career(s), work ethics, hiring process, etc.
  • Job coaches
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Help with interviewing skills/mock interviews
  • Teach resume building

Other Opportunities

Arundel Lodge Board of Directors – Serve on a Committee or on our Board – help guide Arundel Lodge as we fulfill our mission throughout the community.

Arundel Lodge Pillars – Join a group of people who want to bring attention to the issues surrounding mental health and substance use disorders and raise up Arundel Lodge so we can continue to grow and serve our community.

Beautifying and Maintenance Projects – Home is where the heart is and keeping our “home” a welcoming space for all who enter is a priority. At any given time, Arundel Lodge has several beautifying and maintenance projects that need volunteers, both at our main campus, 2600 Solomons Island Road, and at any of our Residential Program homes. These projects can include painting, gardening, electrical and plumbing work, or small

For more information or to volunteer contactgarmoecindy-200
Cindy Garmoe, Volunteer Coordinator