What is the meaning of the Arundel Lodge logo?

The goal of the Arundel Lodge logo is to deliver the message 
that we support  individuals in their journey through recovery and to evoke feelings of  goodwill.
Aside from the obvious connection to “lodge,” it is wholly appropriate to  h ave a tree represent Arundel Lodge, as trees are viewed as solid and long-standing.  We have been rooted in the Anne Arundel community since 1975. Also significant, is that in many cultures, trees represen t life and respect and are often planted in honor of an accomplishment or an important rite of passage. The symbol is relatable to the diverse community we serve. The open hands, which represent the trunk, communicate a solid base of strength and support that lifts up individuals. Each leaf-shaped bird takes flight in its own direction, representing growth, individuality, independence, and beauty.
The colors also have significance. Purple is the color of recovery, royalty (something special and unique) and creativity. It represents strength and courage. The individuals we serve embody both strength and courage as they embark on their journey, struggling with setback and boldly facing the stigma associated with mental health and substance use disorders.  Green is the color of life. It communicates balance and health, learning, growth, and mental wellness.
Our tagline, Hope Re-imagined, speaks to the philosophy of the evidence-based recovery model to which Arundel Lodge subscribes; the belief that people impacted by behavioral health disorders can embark on a journey of recovery and function as productive members of our society, that they are not defined by their condition, and that at Arundel Lodge, individuals are treated with compassion and respect!

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