Supportive Living Program

The Supportive Living Program has staff that meet
individuals out in a community or home environment
where they feel most comfortable.

Arundel Lodge provides comprehensive, individualized services based on respecting and supporting the strengths and aspirations of persons in the community experiencing serious behavioral health disorders.

Who we serve in Supportive Living

  • Individuals enrolled in Arundel Lodge’s Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program, who live in the community with their families or independently, and want support to continue successfully living an independent lifestyle.

Services provided

  • symptom management, tailored to meet individuals’ needs.
  • case management
  • goal work such as physical health, budgeting, daily living skills, social skills, vocational assistance, and coping strategies.
  • Persons served receive at least 6 visits and/or services per month from their assigned Rehabilitation Counselor or through Day Program groups and activities.
  • Many of our persons served choose an integrated approach to their recovery by incorporating services from the Day Program in addition to home and community visits from their Rehabilitation Counselor.

All Supportive Living participants are welcome and encouraged to attend Day Program as often as they like.

How to access services

To enroll in the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program and receive Supportive Living services, please contact Rachel Keller, Supportive Living Program Manager (443) 433-5888

For more information please contact

Rachel Keller
Supportive Living Program Manager
direct: 443-433-5888
main: 443-433-5900