Arundel Lodge offers an array of programs that
can work together to support every aspect of a person’s life,
reinforcing a holistic view of behavioral health and laying the
groundwork for persons served to experience the fruits of hope.

Outpatient Mental Health Clinic (OMHC)

The OMHC provides mental health and substance use treatment for adults, adolescents and children. The Clinic was opened in May 2008 to approximately 225 individuals. Today we serve over 3000!

First Step Recovery Program

Arundel Lodge’s First Step Recovery Program is certified through the State of Maryland to provide three outpatient levels of care for substance use disorders: Early Intervention, Outpatient services, and Intensive Outpatient services. Program services include screening and assessment, individual, family and group therapy, person-centered treatment planning, and transition and discharge planning.

Marcus Youth and Family Center

The developmental years present opportunities for intervention that can alter the course of a person’s life. At the Marcus Youth and Family Center younger children have the opportunity to express themselves and establish a safe, trusting relationship with our therapists in the Play Therapy Room.

Adolescents and teens can meet with therapists one-to-one or benefit from Group Therapy, experiencing guidance, healing, and positive peer support in a comfortable, welcoming space designed just for them. Group therapy for adolescents and teens can be highly effective in reducing the incidence of depression, anxiety and conduct disorders.

Day Program

The Day Program offers a welcoming, safe place to participate in healthy activities and learn how to manage symptoms and everyday life. Day Program provides hot breakfast and lunch and classes in computers, journaling, yoga, gardening, fitness, stress management, medication management and more!

The Visuals Art Program and Open Eye Gallery are a thriving part of our Day Program that promote recovery through self-discovery and self-expression. Join and see what you can discover about yourself!

Health Home

The Health Home provides care coordination, integrating the services needed to address all of a person’s medical, as well as behavioral health needs. We manage chronic medical conditions through a preventative care and total wellness approach. Early detection of disease can reduce hospital ER visits and inpatient admissions. Clinical and therapeutic activities can include: initial comprehensive medical assessments, goal setting within and Individual Rehabilitation Plan, health promotion, comprehensive transitional care, individual, group and family support services, discharge planning, and additional care tailored to meet an individual’s needs.

Peer Support Program

Peer Support aims to establish trusting relationships, decrease stigma, and create a safe environment where information, resources and coping strategies can be shared. State-certified Peer Support Specialists, who have experienced mental illness themselves, serve as compassionate listeners, educators, coaches, advocates and partners.

Residential Program

Arundel Lodge’s Residential Program supports individuals with mental illness who have a variety of needs requiring specialized services, including persons who are deaf or hard-of-hearing; persons with co-occurring mental illness and substance use challenges; persons who are elderly and/or have complicated somatic issues; persons who need intensive supervision; and persons who are preparing for independent living. Arundel Lodge has 32 resident homes in the community.

Supported Employment Program

Being a productive part of the community builds confidence, self-esteem and can serve as a key component of recovery. The Supported Employment Program offers job development, job coaching and psychiatric rehabilitation. We help locate employment opportunities that match an individuals skill sets to maximize opportunities for success. We also partner with community businesses to identify their employment needs and provide them with an appropriate workforce.

Supportive Living Program

The Supportive Living Program focuses on those individuals living in the community who rely on the support of the Rehabilitation staff to continue successfully living an independent lifestyle. The concentration is on addressing a variety of goals from case management to symptom management, tailored to meet the needs of persons served. Typical goal work can include physical health, daily living skills, social skills, employment assistance and coping strategies.

To learn more about each of the programs at Arundel Lodge,
and how to access services, visit each individual program page
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