Arundel Lodge’s mission is improving the lives of children, adults and families impacted by mental health and substance use disorders.

What does that mean? It means that Arundel Lodge is guided by the Recovery Model, a philosophy rooted in treating individuals with behavioral health disorders with respect! We focus on individuals’ needs, strengths and goals, acknowledging that that everyone has dreams and aspirations that they are entitled to pursue; we assist individuals in their endeavors; we encourage individuals to make their own decisions about treatment through education and linkages; and we facilitate opportunities for social interaction, creative expression, and involvement in the community.

Arundel Lodge provides many programs and services that can work together to support every aspect of a person’s life, reinforcing a holistic view of behavioral health and allowing persons served to experience the fruits of hope.


Arundel Lodge envisions being an essential member of a community network that helps prevent behavioral health disorders and provides the care and support people need to lead healthy, productive lives.


Excellence. Respect. Compassion. Person-Centered Recovery. Diversity & Inclusion. Committed Partnerships.