Can I get all of my services for substance use and mental health treatment at Arundel Lodge?

Arundel Lodge provides a wide range of programs for mental health and substance use disorders. Each person served by Arundel Lodge will go through an initial screening and assessment to determine their behavioral health needs–mental health treatment, substance use treatment or both. They will work with our licensed professionals to develop an Individual Rehabilitation Plan focused on their strengths and identify potential barriers to recovery and wellness, as well as work out a plan to reduce or eliminate those barriers. Arundel Lodge has Certified Addictions Counselors for alcohol and drugs, as well as licensed therapists. We have psychiatrists on staff and provide medication management; individual, group, and family therapy; transition and discharge planning; and medication-assisted treatment for substance use recovery. Peer support is also available.

The best way to determine if Arundel Lodge is able to meet your behavioral health needs is to come in for a screening and assessment during our walk-in hours, Monday – Friday, 9 am -11 am. Spots do fill up quickly, so the earlier, the better.

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